The D70 Project

How well do you understand the prophecy of 70 Weeks? Have you ever wondered how today’s leading prophecy teachers compare when answering key questions about this wonderful prophecy? Do they base their interpretations on reasonable Biblical facts, circumstantial evidence, or well-meaning error?

Since I read my first book on the prophecy of Seventy Weeks (Daniel 9:24-27) nearly three decades ago, I’ve had a passionate interest in the subject. Over the years I’ve been confounded at how just four verses can be viewed with such different perspectives that they engender literally hundreds of widely varying interpretations.

What I’ve discovered in my own studies of the subject is that most of the time the divergent views of the Seventy Weeks prophecy originate from an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of the chronological context of this prophecy.

After all, prophecy is a predication of future events and to have any real relevance it must have a clearly identifiable chronological context.

This is especially so for the prophecy of Daniel 9. The “Seventy Weeks” prophecy is the only prophetic revelation in the Bible which gives us a specific datable starting point for the coming of the Messiah. In essence, the prophecy of Seventy Weeks is a specific measurement, laid out on our Creator’s blueprint of mankind’s history. That measurement of time can only be properly understood if it is placed on the exact chronological starting point specified by the blueprint. This means that establishing that starting point is the most important part of interpreting the prophecy. Second to that is determining the measure of “time” used.

Now lest you think getting a general idea of the prophecy’s time frame is “good enough”, here are a couple of quotes from leading Biblical scholars which give you a sense of the significance of this wonderful prophecy.

“I am convinced that in the predictions of 70 weeks, we have the indispensable chronological key to all New Testament prophecy” – Alva J. McClain

“The interpretation of the revelation of Daniel concerning the seventy weeks (Daniel 9:24-27) constitutes one of the determining factors in the whole system of prophecy…. The interpretation of this passage inevitably colors all other prophetic views, and a proper understanding of it is the sine qua non of any student of prophecy.” – John F. Walvoord

For some though, the prophecy of Daniel’s seventy weeks may seem like just one of the hundreds of wonderful prophecies found in the Bible. But as the quotes above demonstrate, this is not the case. Daniel 9 and the seventy weeks is in fact the very keystone of the Bible’s prophetic record. This prophecy has directly and indirectly influenced how we see the 2nd coming of Yeshua (Jesus), the Great Tribulation, the Rapture, the Anti-Christ, the restoration of Israel, and the identity of final world power at the end of this age. For many of today’s most respected prophecy teachers, even though they often have different eschatological perspectives, the Seventy Weeks is the framework or backbone upon which the rest of their eschatological views are organized.
Think about that for a moment. Whether you know it or not, what you believe about Daniel 9 is in part responsible for how you see events unfolding in the world around you today. No other prophecy in the Bible carries this influential weight.

In consideration of this weighty reality, how can we make sense of all the divergent views of Daniel 9? How can we sift all of these strongly held perspectives and find the interpretations that are the most contextually accurate, so that our eschatological foundation rests upon rock solid Biblical truth?

I’ve come up with an idea that I hope will help you compare the divergent interpretations of the seventy weeks prophecy in order to ascertain which of these interpretations most accurately explains this incredibly influential prophecy.

I’m calling this the D70 Project.

What I’ve come up with is a 21 question survey which allows you to grade how each interpreter of the prophecy of 70 weeks address some of the most important questions related to the prophecy. My hope is that by comparing how each author answers a set of standardized questions  you will develop a more complete and accurate understanding of the prophecy and its many interpretational challenges. Yahweh willing, over the coming weeks, months, and years I will be exploring the work of some of today’s and yesterday’s most popular prophecy teachers. Names many of you will recognize like:

(to view completed D70 survey results click on author’s name with blue link )

·         Alan Kurschner ·         Joel Rosenberg
·         Andrew B. Ray ·         John Hagee
·         Andy Woods ·         John MacArthur
·         Arnold Fruchtenbaum ·         John Walvoord – D70 Score = 52
·         Barry Horner ·         Jonathan Bernis
·         Bill Cloud ·         Jonathan Cahn
·         Bill Koenig ·         Joseph Farah
·         Bill Salus ·         Josh McDowell
·         Billy Crone ·         Ken Johnson
·         Billy Hallowell ·         Larry Spargimino
·         Bob Theil ·         Mark Biltz
·         Brian Godawa ·         Mark Hitchcock
·         Britt Gillette ·         Mark Toben
·         Bryant Wright ·         Matthew Hagee
·         Carl Gallups ·         Michael Heiser
·         Charles Dyer ·         Michael Brown
·         Chuck Missler ·         Michael Rydelnik
·         Dave Williams ·         Michael Vlach
·         David James ·         Michael Youssef
·         David Jeremiah ·         Mitch Glaser
·         David Limbaugh ·         Nathan Jones
·         David Reagan ·         Nelson Walters
·         Derrick Gilbert ·         Paul McGuire
·         Don Perkins ·         Perry Stone
·         Douglas Hamp ·         Rabbi K.A. Schneider
·         Douglas Stauffer ·         Randall Price
·         Douglas Woodward ·         Ray Bentley
·         Ed Hindson ·         Robert Jeffress
·         Edwin Yamauchi ·         Rodrigo Silva
·         Frank Turek ·         Ron Cantor
·         Gary Stearman ·         Ron Rhodes
·         Greg Laurie ·         Russell Stendal
·         Hank Hanegraaff ·         Ryan Speakman
·         Isaac Newton ·         Samuel Whitefield
·         Jack Kelley ·         Sid Roth
·         Jake McCandless ·         Sir Robert Anderson
·         James Prasch ·         Stan Guthrie
·         James White ·         Terry James
·         Jan Markell ·         Thomas Horn
·         JD Hall ·         Thomas Ice
·         Jeff Kinley ·         Tim LaHaye
·         Jim Fletcher ·         Troy Anderson
·         Joel Richardson ·         Walid Shoebat

(to view completed D70 survey results click on author’s name with blue link )

For those of you who are one of the authors of one of the many interpretations of Daniel 9, my hope is that this survey will help you look at the strengths and weakness of your own interpretation so that you can establish it on a more contextually accurate Biblical foundation.

I’ll tell you up front this survey looks closely at how each interpreter explains the chronological context of the 2nd temple era. This was purposeful because the 2nd temple era is the period of time when the prophecy was given as well as the period of time in which most interpreters believe the prophecy of seventy weeks begins.

For those who appreciate the importance Daniel 9 plays in our eschatological (end times) world view, I’ll be posting all the surveys and scores of the above authors (and others) at my site and occasionally some of the results at my 13Enumeration blog. My hope is that these surveys will give you a unique insight into how the prophecy of seventy weeks is understood by today’s prophetic community.

If you are a Berean who would like to participate in this effort I’ve made the Excel survey available for you to use. For those of you who make the effort and would like to share the results just send me a copy of the saved Excel file along with a word document of your survey and I’ll post your results at my Daniel’s Seventy Weeks blog. Please note that I will only post surveys if you include your real name and explanatory notes which clearly explain why you graded the interpretation the way you did. No surveys will be published that include any derogatory comments, innuendo, or other insulting language. This effort is meant to encourage, sharpen, and edify each other in the knowledge of Yahweh’s prophetic word. Each of us has a unique perspective through which we filter information, so please be respectful.

For those of you who have authored an interpretation of Daniel 9 that I or one of my readers have surveyed and you believe your perspective has been misrepresented or you would just like the opportunity to clarify your position I will be happy to share your thoughts and comments in full. Please keep your comments limited to the specific questions being addressed and be respectful. As I stated above, no negative comments, insults, or innuendo will be posted on any of my blogs. If you can’t respond in an edifying manner your comments and thoughts are not welcome and will not be posted.

If you are an adventurous soul who would like to offer constructive criticism of my view of Daniel 9 and the 70 sevens prophecy, I’d love to see the results of your survey after you’ve read my book Daniel’s Seventy Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy. I know I don’t have all the answers and I would love to get your perspective. A digital version of my exploration of Daniel 9 can be download for free by clicking here: Book Download. You can also find a printed version on Amazon at my cost.

My hope is the D70 Project will help us all gain a better understanding of this wonderful and influential prophecy with the ultimate goal that Yahweh and His plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua, is acknowledged and glorified.


As Proverbs 27:17  says: Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

D70 Project – 21 Question Survey Excel Workbook Download
The survey explores how each interpreter explains the following subjects:

  1. The “Covenant” found in Daniel 9:4.
  2. Daniel’s prayer as it relates to the 6 Messianic goals of the 70 Weeks.
  3. The word Weeks (Shabuwa).
  4. The use of the plural masculine form of Shabuwa in Daniel 9.
  5. The 2nd temple era chronology as it relates to several Persian “Artaxerxes”.
  6. Ezra 4 & its importance of understanding what Daniel 9:25 meant by “build Jerusalem”.
  7. Ezra 6:14-15 as it relates to Darius and “Artaxerxes”.
  8. Daniel’s perspective on building Jerusalem.
  9. The “commandment” (dabar) to restore & build Jerusalem. (Dan. 9:25)
  10. The chronology of Ezra & Nehemiah.
  11. The chronology of the 2nd temple era as it relates to the lists of priests and Levites found in Nehemiah 10 & 12.
  12. The Bible’s reckoning of “Time” as it relates to calculating the 70 Sevens.
  13. The 6 goals of Daniel 9:24 as they relate to the 1st coming of Yeshua (Jesus).
  14. The 6 goals of Daniel 9:24 as they relate to the 2nd coming of Yeshua and the Messianic Age.
  15. The identity of “he” who makes a “covenant with the many”. (Dan. 9:27)
  16. The “covenant” of Daniel 9:27
  17. The 7 Sevens from the “’Commandment” – unto the Messiah (Dan. 9:25)
  18. The 62 Sevens (Dan. 9:25)
  19. The cutting off (karath) of the Messiah.
  20. The wings of abomination (Dan. 9:27)
  21. The final seven of the 70 Sevens (Dan. 9:27)

Survey’s Completed:
To view results click on authors name
Dr. John F. Walvoord – Score 52

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