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Book1-400x640-webFor those waiting for the release of my new book The 13th Enumeration: Key to the Bible’s Messianic Symbolism I am happy to say I have completed it ahead of time. As promised, subscribers to my blog will receive a complimentary copy of the book by downloading the digital version here: Book Download

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2 thoughts on “Book Update

  1. Jorge Palau

    Hello William, great job on your book; we just finished the first one, and plan to continue with the others in the series. It was well written, informative, and very interesting, entertaining, and engaging. It will make a great gift to some of my friends. A quick question if you don’t mind; this is a rather new subject for me so I am curious, who came up with the explanations for the timeline of the prophecy in Daniel 9, as given in your book?
    Thanks again, and once again, congratulations on a job very well done; I look forward to the other book in the series. Regards.

    1. William Struse Post author

      Good evening Jorge,

      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the book.

      The first person that I’m aware of who suggested a 14 lunar cycle for Daniel 9 was a Englishman named David Davidson. His is an fascinating story. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there were many books written about the Great Pyramid of Giza which claimed it’s internal passage-ways and external measurements represented a version of Bible chronology, a type of “Bible in Stone” if you will. Mr. Davidson being an agnostic set out to disprove these incredible claims. Ironically what he found convinced him that in fact Jesus was the Messiah promised in the Scripture and set him on quest which he followed for the rest of his life. It was in his subsequent book The Great Pyramid: It’s Divine Message where he proposed that early Jewish messianic expectants used lunar cycles to prove that their heroes were the promised Messiah and as part of there messianic zeal they “eclipsed” the nearly 240 years of the Persian era as noted by Sir Isaac Newton in his book Chronology of Ancient Kingdom’s Amended.

      Frankly, the first time I read his 14 lunar cycle theory (20 yrs. ago) it didn’t make much sense until years later I tried to work out the Bible’s chronology related to Ezra and Nehemiah. What I found was that current theories about Daniel 9 just didn’t pass a reasonable threshold of Biblical chronological evidence. The Bible’s chronology just didn’t support there theories. So I remembered Davidson’s theory and I tried to see if I could work it out so that it made sense to me.

      What I found was Davidson’s unusual theory about a 14 lunar cycle of Daniel 9 was just part of a wonderful picture of Messianic symbolism woven into the Biblical record. Matthew 1 showed that Yeshua (Jesus) was both the 13th & 14th generation and the symbolism of those numbers were woven into the very fabric of the Biblical record. This let to what I called the 13th Enumeration. So Davidson is the only person I know who every proposed a lunar “cycle” reckoning of the prophecy based upon 14 lunar cycle. I have modified his original theory to show that it wasn’t just 14 but both 13 & 14 lunar cycles which the prophecy Daniel 9 was designed to incorporate so as to confirm that Yeshua was the Messiah promised in the Scriptures. It is my belief that this is the reason Matthew 1 was arranged in such a peculiar way. It was the apostles Matthew’s way of pointing us back to Daniel 9 and the prophecy which bridged the centuries between the Old & New Testaments.

      The information has been there all along, all I can take credit for was rearranging it in a new way. Hopefully others will come along and further refine it, correcting any mistakes I have made. As I found Davidson’s conclusions only scratched the surface I believe others will find that my additions to the subject are just another layer of a vastly complex and rich subject which YHWH has left for us to find concerning his plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua the Messiah promised in the Scriptures.

      Warm regards,


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