Maranatha’s Music

Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers!

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and I thought I would share something which is not really related to Bible history. This year I am especially aware of the blessings and responsibilities of being a father.  This past April, our oldest daughter, Maranatha turned eighteen and gave her senior recital.  Over the past 13 years Maranatha has shown exceptional discipline and dedication.  As parents we could not be more proud of her efforts.

The following links will take you to a YouTube of her performance.  During the performance she played 70 pages of music from memory. I hope you enjoy the music.

YouTube: Maranatha’s Senior Recital

Her website: Maranatha Music Education

An article about her from our local paper: Miracle ‘Manna’

A review of her recital in our local paper: Struse Proves Spellbinding














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