The Symbol-Quest Challenge

Contest begins July 4th, 2013










Official Rules for the 2013 Symbol-Quest Challenge are at my web site here: Symbol-Quest Challenge – Contest is over.

Please only post on this page if you have answers to the contest.

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10 thoughts on “The Symbol-Quest Challenge

  1. Jason Oliphant

    Chapter 2-Taurus;
    7-Crescent & Star;
    34-Tau or St. Anthony’s Cross;
    41-Star of David;
    49-Eight-pointed Star (Chaos);

    The 13th Symbol is the Six-pointed Star of David

  2. Amy Reese

    13 Symbols
    1 – Upside down Omega, Chapter 2
    2 – C with a dot inside it, Chapter 7
    3 – Delta, Chapter 17
    4 – Phi, Chapter 25
    5 – Infinity, Chapter 31
    6 – Tau, Chapter 34
    7 – Star of David, Chapter 41
    8 – Sun, Chapter 49
    9 – Forward slash with two hash marks through it, Chapter 54 10 – Equal sign in Hegelian Dialect instead of comma, Chapter 59 (Duplicate clue with Waves in Epilogue)
    11 – ? Cannot view the symbol on Kindle Fire nor in Kindle Reader on my computer, but can see one exists, Chapter 69
    12 – Ophthalamos, Chapter 71
    13 – Theta, Chapter 77

    There are two possible 13th Symbols, depending on the Point of View you represent. I’m going to assume you are representing Peter’s since it is his will this is based on initially, in which case the answer would be the Sun. The reasoning for this is that Theistic Luciferianism, which he states he follows in The 13th Prime, is based on the light/sun and very much has characteristics throughout the novel based on that (Horus outside the room, the chairs that you set the rings into which then emit light). Further, Peter did not want it related to the number 13 at all, and being in Chapter 49 it is not.

    If the 13th Symbol were to be based on the Point of View of the author or Zane & Rachael, the answer would have to be the Star of David. The change would be necessary because their history is very based on Israel, it is in Chapter 41 (Prime, Fibonacci, and Jubilee based – in fact, the only symbol that is such).

  3. William Struse Post author

    For those who may be wondering. I will announce the correct symbol on December 31 even if no one guesses correctly. Also it has been brought to my attention that one of the symbols shows up as a box on some Kindle readers. If you do find this symbol just list where you found it and it will be counted.(if it is the correct location) This symbol thankfully is not the 13th Symbol. Sorry if this has caused anyone else trouble. WS

  4. Greg Reese

    1 – Mho, Chapter 2
    2 – Kaph, Chapter 7
    3 – Delta, Chapter 17
    4 – Phi, Chapter 25
    5 – Infinity, Chapter 31
    6 – Tau, Chapter 34
    7 – Star of David, Chapter 41
    8 – Sun, Chapter 49
    9 – Diesis, Chapter 54
    10 – Equal sign in Hegelian Dialect instead of comma, Chapter 59 (Also waves in Epilogue)
    11 – Ouroboros, Chapter 69
    12 – Ophthalmos, Chapter 71
    13 – Theta, Chapter 77

    Solution – It directs in the Epilogue to find the solution on page 37. It’s Phi (Symbol 4) since there is no zero in Greek.

  5. William Struse Post author

    In order to keep the contest fair to everyone, contestants will have to wait until December 31st to find out if they guessed the 13th Symbol correctly. At that time I will repost each contestants entry in full.

    There not much time left. Get your guesses in before the time is up!

  6. Renea Roster

    ♒ aquarius Page 398
    ⍬ Fita? Page 372
    ⊙ Circle with dot Sun Page 345
    ⥁ Page 339
    S Page 303

    ҂ Thousands Page 272
    ҉ types things backwards Page 251
    ✡ star of david divine mind Page 217
    Ϯ cross /t Dei Page 176
    ∞ infinity circular serpent biting its tail Page 158
    Ф phi Ef Page 136
    Δ fire? Page 86
    1 one Page 29

  7. William Struse Post author

    The Symbol-Quest Challenge is official over. I want to thank all of you who participated. Though most of you found all 13 symbols I’m sorry to say no one guessed which symbol was The 13th Symbol. The 13th Symbol is the point within a circle or eye. It is found in chapter 71 in the word ʘrder as shown in the sentence below:

    “Lady and gentlemen,” Peter Herschel began, “I have called this special meeting of the ʘrder to discuss what I believe is a rare opportunity for us to act on behalf of the cause of enlightenment.”

    Since the time of Genesis, “enlightenment” has been represented by the open eye. In the 13th Enumeration this symbol is found on the floor of Peter Herschel’s library through which the members of the Order must pass to get to the “room” below. From Adam Weishaupt’s “Illuminati” to many of today’s secret societies the “open eye” often represents the ancient promise of enlightenment.

    In my forthcoming book we will see more of this symbol. Even though no one won the contest I would like to send each of you who participated a copy of The 13th Symbol when I get it published later this year.

    Thank you again for participating.

    Warm Regards,
    William Struse

    P.S. For some reason the time/date shows Jan 1, 2014. Right now it is 9:20 AZ time Dec 31, 2013. Happy New year to all of you!


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