Liberty & Freedom

See if you can identify these quotes:

Live Free or Die?

“But certainly our hands are still at liberty, and have a sword in them: let them then be subservient to us in our glorious design; let us die before we become slaves under our enemies, and let us go out of the world, together with our children and our wives, in a state of freedom.”

Enjoy Our Liberty

“Is it not that we may enjoy our liberty? Besides, shall we not bear the lords of the habitable earth to be lords over us, and yet bear tyrants of our own country?  Although I must say that submission to foreigners may be borne, because fortune has already doomed us to it, while submission to wicked people of our own nation is too unmanly, and brought upon us by our own consent.”

A Venerable and Just Man

“He was on other accounts also a venerable, and a very just man; and besides the grandeur of that nobility, and dignity, and honour of which he was possessed, he had been a lover of a kind of equality; even with regard to the lowest of the people;  he was a prodigious lover of liberty, and an admirer of a democracy in government; and did ever prefer the public welfare before his own advantage, and preferred peace above all things; for he was thoroughly sensible…….”

Preserving Our Freedom

To be sure, we weakly hoped to have preserved ourselves, and ourselves alone, still in a state of freedom, as if we had been guilty of no sins ourselves against God, nor been partners with those of others; we also taught other men to preserve their liberty.  Therefore, consider how God has convinced us that our hopes were in vain, by bringing such distress upon us in the desperate state we are now in, and which is beyond all our expectations;”

Brave Men Who Struggled for Liberty?

“Truly, I was greatly mistaken when I thought to be assisting to brave men who struggled hard for their liberty, and to such as were resolved either to live with honour, or else to die;  but I find that you are such people as are no better than others, either in virtue or in courage, and are afraid of dying, though you be delivered thereby from the greatest miseries, while you ought to make no delay in this matter, nor to await anyone to give you good advice;   for the laws of our country, and of God himself, have, from ancient times, and as soon as ever we could use our reason, continually taught us, and our forefathers have corroborated the same doctrine by their actions and by their bravery of mind, that it is life that is a calamity to men, and not death;  for this last affords our souls their liberty,……..

Recovering Liberty:

“However, as to the desire of recovering your liberty, it is unseasonable to indulge it so late; whereas you ought to have laboured earnestly in olden time that you might never have lost it; for the first experience of slavery was hard to be endured, and the struggle that you might never have been subject to it would have been just;  but that slave who has been once brought into subjection, and then runs away, is rather a refractory slave than a lover of liberty;”

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14 thoughts on “Liberty & Freedom

  1. William Struse Post author

    For those who have read the quotes above you might be surprised to find they come from Josephus’s account of the siege of Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago. This siege was a tragedy of epic proportions. Inside the city there were two main Jewish factions fighting for control of the city and the riches of the people trapped inside. Their leaders barely disguised their avarice under a cloak of patriotism and religion. The calls for liberty and freedom rang from the walls of the city day and night yet their rule was a form a barbarity found only in the darkest pages of human history.

    Those of us who truly love liberty and freedom would be well advised to read the whole account of this tragic tale. For this story is a testimony to what happens when the words Liberty and Freedom and the ideas they represent become separated from moral principles and responsibilities that anchor them in a civilized society. It is the tragic story of what happens when normal men and women no longer stand for right and wrong but compromise their principles in the name of the “lesser of two evils.” What a fool’s compromise. Taking smaller doses of poison that will eventually kill you is not a reasonable or logical choice.

    So what is the solution?

    Some say we should take up arms to overthrow this tyranny. Others say to wait and hide until the terror has passed. Still others say we should compromise and delay the ultimate day of judgment so that our children may pay its price.

    What few will admit is there is no political or revolutionary solution which will solve the real underlying problem. Those who tell you it can be done are either naive or liars. For the darkness and evil that is building in the world is not caused by our leaders but is a direct result of the people who they represent. Any organization of society of whatever size is only a reflection of the beliefs, principles and morality of its people in general. We did not arrive at the place we are today because of who we elected four years ago or even 8 years ago. We arrived at the place we are today because of how each and every one of us conducts his or her life every day. The collective sins of each of us have directed the course of our nation. Politics has become nothing but a convenient means by which we can blame our guilt on others. Why then are we surprised when our leaders act like gods?

    Folks, the solution will not be found this November or four years later. The solution is right here and right now. It is called repentance. It is acknowledging that each of us is part of the problem. Those of us pointing at our neighbor need it most of all.

    Those of you who are seeking a political solution are laboring in vain. Your building is built upon a foundation of sand. The solution today is the same as it was back when YHWH spoke these famous words to King Solomon.

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. – 2 Chronicles 7:14

    1. Tiza

      Yes, you are speaking the truth here. What we have politically is as a result of………….us! Plain and simple. I’m not happy with it, period. I doubt others are either. I have been brokenhearted since the election, yet I know that Yahweh allowed this to happen. It’s us. Well, I figure that Yahweh wants us to vote. Reason that I think so? He goes by freewill, and wants to know what we think, what our morals, goals and principles are.

      But what you say is correct. Mankind has to change his innermost self in order to change the world. All of it. People always want us to change the outer, not the inner. It’s the innermost self first, then the outer will follow. We must clean the inside of the cup!

  2. Tiza

    I’m reading your book and not quite finished yet. It is really captivating to where I cannot seem to put it down.

    I did notice, though, there was something you mentioned on blogs about the priestly course of Abiyah. I am familiar with this. But it’s not the only thing that proves when Yahushua the messiah was born. There is a reference in Mat. 2 about “his star in the east” (en te anatole), which should be translated “at the rising,” referring to a heliacal rising. This was not known until just several years ago. Not sure of the dating on that. Our ancestors wouldn’t have known it. But “his star” (i.e., Yahushua’s star) refers to Saturn. That was the understanding early on of the messiah’s star. The other star in conjunction was Jupiter (Baal star) anciently known. It’s sad today that I’ve heard some later Jews say Jupiter (Baal/Satan) was Yahushua’s star. But that’s not the truth.

    Yahushua the messiah was born on Oct. 3/4, 7 B.C.E. on the Day of Atonement. I know when others put his birth, which was Tabernacles. That’s not true, but it’s close, nonetheless. You can use an astronomy program like Voyager II to find out the conjunction of Oct. 3/4, 7 B.C.E. Then, of course, you must put all the evidence together, and considering the birth of John. As you know, John was 6 months older than Yahushua.

    One thing that I’ve noticed is that people don’t allow for time for people to get from point A to point B. As in the case of John’s father, we have to give him time to travel back home in the hill country of Judah. Therefore, that took a few weeks. My historian friend/author has it figured out chronologically, and I can’t give you an exact date here which he has, but I think that John was conceived sometime in very early July. Anyway, you have to put together each part of the puzzle that has been given to us by Yahweh. If you get a chance, please feel free to visit and, which is a blogspot. The other is Qadesh La Yahweh Press.

    Until then, and thanks for your interesting book, may Yahweh be with you!

  3. William Struse Post author

    Hi Tiza,

    I am glad to hear you are enjoying the book. Thank you for letting me know. It is always encouraging to get feedback and reveiws from readers.

    You bring up some interesting points. I’ve never heard of (en te anatole). I’m always interested in learning historical information related to Biblical chronology. I will check it out further. Thanks for sharing your blog links and website.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book when you are finished.

    Warm Regards,
    William Struse

  4. Tiza

    I finished your book, and it was very good. However, I will have to have hubby go over the math stuff with me. I’m terrible at math.

    There is one thing, and right now I’ll have to research it because it’s been many years since I’ve been over it. There are two genealogies for Yahushua the messiah given. One goes through Joseph’s line, which was disqualified. Then one goes through his mother, Miriam’s, line, which is the line that is counted for him to be a king.There are a lot of legal issues to know and understand.

    I think, but I’m not 100 percent sure, that Matthew shows Joseph’s line. Again, I may be mistaken. There’s a reference in Jer. 36:30, so allow me to just quote it:

    Jer 36:30 Therefore, so says Yahweh of Jehoiakim, king of Judah: There shall not be one to him to sit on the throne of David, and his dead body shall be cast out in the day to the heat, and in the night to the frost.
    Jer 36:31 And I will punish him and his seed and his servants for their sin. And I will bring on them, and on the people of Jerusalem, and on the men of Judah, all the evil that I have spoken against them. But they did not listen.

    Next, there is a provision given in the OT for women to inherit when there is no son born to a man and his wife. Or a close next of kin. Can’t remember if it’s uncle or what. I’d have to look it up again.

    But so far as we know and have searched, Miriam did not have a brother, so her family line inheritance would have gone through her. Then, of course, she had to marry someone from the tribe of Judah, which was Joseph. By adoption Yahushua was his son. And the kingly line came through Miriam in this case. There could be something more right now, but I can’t remember it. Maybe when I get a chance, I’ll try to find my studies on this, and it’s been since about 1994 when I studied it.

    1. William Struse Post author


      I do think you are correct about Matthew showing Joseph’s line. There are historical references which show that Mary was the daughter of Heli. I did some research on several years ago. I will dust it of. It will make a good blog post. Stay tuned…

  5. William Struse

    Hi Tiza,

    I’m working on The 13th Prime but it is not finished yet. Hope to have it in print sometime in 2013. The best is yet to come. Regards, WS

  6. Tiza

    You may already know this, but I was just thinking of it and talking to my husband. There are 12 tribes of Israel. However, you should count 13 because of the half-tribe of Manassah. So in all truth, it’s counted 13.

    Just kind of an interesting tidbit you might ponder.

  7. Tiza

    Another point, I’m not into the Mayan stuff, however, one point of interest to me is their Baktun, which is 144,000 days. I think it’s 394 years (Not the 400 years), but 394. I’m extremely interested in the 144,000 number for obvious purposes. The sons of Israel, Yahweh’s elect.

  8. Tiza

    One more thing. A way to tell what tribes are sealed is in Revelation 7. You’ll see every tribe except one, Dan. If Dan was sealed, it would make 13. However, Dan was counted out of being an elect, one of the 144,000, because early on someone in his tribe blasphemed Yahweh’s name. Spoke evil about it. But Dan will be in the kingdom of Yahweh as judges.

    BTW, Joseph, the tribe, is also considered Ephraim, the a half tribe of Manassah. Yet another part of that tribe was split into two, another Manassah. Kind of could get confusing, I guess.

  9. Ruth Hirt

    How true, mankind need to seek his Messiah, his HELP from above, repentance can replace fear and uncertainties. The calls of contingencies, when the reality of tyrants and warlords reign, the masses cow before muzzles of guns. It comes to mind, Amos 5: 13 ”Therefore the prudent shall keep silent in that time; for it is an evil time.” So then, man can only do so much …


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