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The D70 Project

How well do you understand the prophecy of 70 Weeks? Have you ever wondered how today’s leading prophecy teachers compare when answering key questions about this wonderful prophecy? Do they base their interpretations on reasonable Biblical facts, circumstantial evidence, or well-meaning error?

Since I read my first book on the prophecy of Seventy Weeks (Daniel 9:24-27) nearly three decades ago, I’ve had a passionate interest in the subject. Over the years I’ve been confounded at how just four verses can be viewed with such different perspectives that they engender literally hundreds of widely varying interpretations.

What I’ve discovered in my own studies of the subject is that most of the time the divergent views of the Seventy Weeks prophecy originate from an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of the chronological context of this prophecy.

After all, prophecy is a predication of future events and to have any real relevance it must have a clearly identifiable chronological context.

This is especially so for the prophecy of Daniel 9. The “Seventy Weeks” prophecy is the only prophetic revelation in the Bible which gives Continue reading