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Prophecy Hour Radio Program

This past Thursday Pastor Dan Catlin graciously invited me to talk about my books on his Prophecy Hour radio program. We talked about messianic symbolism of the 13th Enumeration as well as the redemptive message of Daniel 9 and the Prophecy of 70 Weeks.

Here is the link for those who might be interested. Prophecy Hour Radio

I haven’t done many radio interviews but I enjoyed talking with Pastor Dan. If you appreciate the program please take a moment to share.

Next week, YHWH willing, I’ll finish our look at Daniel 9 and the “Commandment to restore and build Jerusalem” by sharing the one “commandant” most often overlooked when discussing this wonderful prophecy.  Pastor Dan and I briefly discussed the subject during his radio program.

I hope you enjoy the adventure!

An American Da Vinci Code


This week I’d like to share with you a bit of intriguing Americana with an unusual religious twist. It’s a true story about a famous Christian soap maker of early America and his brick cipher which The New Yorker magazine called the “Mystery on Pearl Street”.

To give you a sense of this story, New York’s own Historic Districts Council called this brick symbol an “American Da Vinci Code”, The New York Times headline ran, “Three Cryptic Shapes Pose a Puzzle” and USA Today proclaimed “Symbol on NYC building a History Mystery”.

Our story begins with William Colgate, one of America’s early success stories. When you think of Colgate you’re probably thinking of toothpaste, but Mr. Colgate actually began his entrepreneurial endeavors as a soap and candle maker in Baltimore, Maryland. Eventually Mr. Colgate moved to New York and became one of the most influential and wealthy men of that era. But that is only the most well-known part of the story. Continue reading

The 13th Symbol

Just a note for regular readers of my blog. I will be curtailing my blog posts for several weeks in an effort to finish my manuscript, The 13th Symbol . Over the last few months I’ve gotten behind in my self-imposed deadline because I wanted to make sure the Biblical history behind my first two books (The 13th Enumeration and The 13th Prime) was explained here at my blog. As most of you have probably realized by now, I love searching out the details of Biblical history and Bible prophecy. Over the last two years it has been a real pleasure to share my thoughts and perspective with all of you. I look forward to sharing more of my research with you in the coming months.

Those of you who have read my novels know that I have woven into each story an aspect of Bible prophecy which is often unexplored or misunderstood. My hope has been that through the eyes of the characters in the novels I can inspire you with my own enthusiasm for the subject. It is my belief that searching the pages of the Scripture for the treasure it contains is a noble and rewarding effort, an effort that ultimately leads to evidence of our Creator’s plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua, the Messiah promised in the Scriptures.

So if you are one who finds the articles here at my blog a little dry or boring I encourage you to read one of my novels. You’ll get much of the same information but it will be packaged in a thrilling novel written from a Biblical world view.

13th_Cover600_BlogThe 13th Enumeration is the first book in my series. The novel explores the subject of Daniel 9 and the prophecy of 70 “weeks”.  The premise of the book is based around the idea that the lineage of Yeshua (Jesus) in Matthew 1 is in fact a symbolic code which proves that Yeshua is the Messiah promised in the Scripture. In this novel I’ll take you to the shores of Galilee where Yeshua once walked. We’ll climb the cliffs and explore the tunnels of this ancient land on a truly epic treasure hunt for the secret of The 13th Enumeration.

With over 175 reviews on Amazon, I encourage you to see what other readers are saying about: The 13th Enumeration.


13th_Prime-600The 13th Prime: Deciphering the Jubilee Code is book II in my series. This novel begins where The 13th Enumeration left off and continues the adventure of Rachael and Zane. The 13th Prime explores the significance of the Jubilee and Sabbath cycles in the Bible. It looks at these cycles in the context of a prophetic framework within which YHWH has left evidence of His prophetic plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua.

From the city of Jerusalem to the ancient cliffs of Petra and on to the city of London the treasure hunt continues with Rachael and Zane in
The 13th Prime: Deciphering the Jubilee Code.


13th_Symbol_Blog600In my third book The 13th Symbol, I will attempt to explore a dual Biblical theme. One of the great prophetic themes of the Bible is the typology of the bride and bridegroom. Through the eyes of Rachael and Zane we will see some of the beauty of this wonderful subject.

The 2nd theme is one of the most controversial topics of Bible prophecy today. Who or what is  the final world empire before Yeshua returns. Will it be eastern or western? The struggles between the antagonists in this book allowed me to look at the subject in a unique way.

Sure to be controversial The 13th Symbol will investigate these subjects from a different angle. My hope is the story will challenge those who read it to pick up their Bible and “see if these things be so”.

*    *    *
A brief synopsis of The 13th Symbol:

At the very cusp of the Order’s victory in their ancient battle for the destiny of mankind, the death of Peter Herschel threatens the Order’s very existence. Will another rise from the ashes of these events to lead the Order and bear the torch of enlightenment? Behind the scenes, two men set in motion events which they hope will result in one of them winning the ultimate victory. The stakes have never been higher. The only thing standing between them and their destiny is the location of the 13th Symbol.

Terrorists cross the border from Mexico into the US, wrecking havoc at one of America’s most important military UAV testing facilities. An advanced UAV is hijacked and a devastated military base is left behind as the real target, America’s 5th largest city, 185 miles to the north, unwittingly waits for the wrath of one of the military’s most advanced weapons. Once again, Darius Zarindast has brought the war to American soil as he sets in motion a multifaceted plot in his secret struggle against the Order. Can he rise from the ashes to lead the world into a new era?

Senator Michael Vidal’s rise from America’s leading pastor to its most influential Senator has changed the balance of political power in Washington. Can he leverage his success in the US political realm to replace the late Sir Peter Herschel as the leader of the world’s most influential secret society and further advance himself towards his ultimate goal?

Zane Harrison has never been happier. He has won the love of Rachael Neumann, and in just a few days she will be his bride. Unknown to him, their lives are about to be turned upside down. As east and west race to find the 13th Symbol and an unimaginable fortune in gold, their focus converges on Zane Harrison. As events overtake him, Zane struggles to survive and tries to find a way out of the greatest treasure hunt the world has ever known.



YA willing I plan to write Book IV in 2015. From the tunnels and excavations under the temple mount to the desert sands of Ethiopia and then back again to the Sea of Galilee, Book IV will explore the topic of the Ark of the Covenant and rebuilding the Temple.

I am going to introduce a new character in this novel and I would like to try and write his story in the first person. I’ve never tried it before so it promises to be challenging. You don’t have to worry about Zane and Rachael they will still be a big part of the story.

For those who love a good challenge, see if you can figure out the title of Book IV. I’ve given you the first two letters. The first person to guess the correct title (and post it here)  will receive a signed copy of Book IV after it has been written.

If you are wondering about the cover, no, it is not finished. I just needed something temporary to post here. I have a mental image of the Ark of the Covenant that I would like to place on the cover. I hope to find something like it or find someone who is able to produce it for me. I’m sure by the time the manuscript is done I’ll have a better idea of what I want the book cover to look like. Until then…


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The Symbol-Quest Challenge

Contest begins July 4th, 2013










Official Rules for the 2013 Symbol-Quest Challenge are at my web site here: Symbol-Quest Challenge – Contest is over.

Please only post on this page if you have answers to the contest.

****Please note**** Your answers will be edited (before they are posted) so that others cannot see them. I will save an unedited version of your post in the event your are a winner. Make sure you use a valid email address.

Special Offer:
Subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the first book in my new series on the Messianic symbolism of the Bible:
The 13th Enumeration: Key to the Bibles Messianic Symbolism

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