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Conspiracies of the Harlot – Part II

So where did we go wrong? How did the America of today fall so far from its Judeo-Christian roots? Today we blame America’s problems on Democrats, Republicans, immigrants, Islam, the wealthy, the poor, neocons, etc. Each of these and many more reasons are given to explain America’s downward spiral, but none of these really explain why immorality exploded in the 20th century.

Although a Judeo-Christian world view sees mankind as fallen and naturally inclined to lawlessness and rebellion, America, up until the early 1900’s still had a cultural code based in Biblical morality. America’s colleges, schools, and universities in many cases were founded by deeply religious people with a Biblical world view in mind. Then something happened which undermined Continue reading

Conspiracies of the Harlot

So let’s talk conspiracy theories. Over the years there have been so many wild eye, smoke filled room, tin foil hat, black helicopter, alien encounter, conspiracy theories that most reasonable minded observers just tune out the nonsense. Give a conspiracy theorist two or three real facts and they’ll weave 50 more unrelated facts into an intricate salacious tale which has the power to capture the imagination. And that’s the problem with conspiracy theories. Their adherent’s point to a couple of real facts and then the other 50 unprovable facts become the most important part of the story. After all, if all the facts were known, it wouldn’t be a very good conspiracy, would it?

Today, I want to offer for your consideration a grand unified theory on conspiracies. This theory will Continue reading