Typos, Errors and Corrections

Over the past several months since The 13th Enumeration has been published I have found several typos and errors which were missed in the editing process.  Several readers of the book have graciously pointed out a few errors as well.

As part of my ongoing efforts to improve the 13th Enumeration I thought I would make a blog post to keep track of the errors and changes I have or will be making to the book.  If you have read the book and found a mistake you would like to tell me about please feel free to post them here.


  • In David Johnson’s prime list I added the number 21.  I’m still not sure how I included it in the list but thankfully it was a typo and it did not alter the premise of the book.
  • Zane’s notes in the Kindle version of the book were hard to read.
  • When Zane took Rachel to dinner I used matradee instead of Maitre d’.  (Thanks Susan)
  • When Darius presents the Persian artifact at the dedication of the Museum I wrote the 12th year of Darius.  Embarrassingly, I transposed the number and it should have read the 21st year.
  • Page 442 “Anton looked at “this” should be “his”
  • Page 461 should be cocked not caulked
  • Photos 1-2, 4-6, 8-14, 16-22, 24, 26-42, 44-49, 51-60, 62-74 – Inconsistent indentions with the rest
  • Photo 3 – That was a fun! (That was fun!)
  • Photo 7- Many of those who became poisoned… (Did you mean ‘were’?)
  • Photo 15 – I was suppose… (I was supposed…)
  • Photo 23 – ima (Ima) 
  • Photo 24 – “”When… (“When…)
  • Photo 25 – *Marcus called himself Marco. It was not mentioned anywhere that it was his nickname
  • Photo 43 – So far as you know no, one else… (So far as you know, no one else…)
  • Photo 50 – …it don’t think it was a coincidence. (…I don’t think it was a coincidence.)  ***Thank you for the help Glitter ***
  • Chapter 47: At the edge of the water he said down.


The 13th Symbol – corrections
Font on back cover of printed book.
Missing LLC. on spine.
p.76 “Internet” not capitalized
p.76 remove 2nd “who” in first paragraph.
p. 121 plan should be spelled plane
p. 137 Major and General are both used to refer to the same person
p. 321 Daniel was not throw into the furnace.


Daniel’s 70 Weeks: The Keystone of Bible Prophecy

  • Part II chapter 8 Kish should be the great grand father of Mordecai not the great-great grandfather.
  • Update the chart on the Course of Abia to correct the 6th month / 10th month.


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